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We build fast with our building blocks.

The interlocking building blocks are made with the unique and innovative plastic moulds, which are simply filled with a concrete mix and left to dry. When removed from the mould, a very accurate hollow-core block is created. The unique interlocking shape allows building with great ease and, in conjunction with the glue i.e. thin bed mortar and render (NHBRC-approved building method), a very strong, fast and cheap construction method is created. A 16 x 2m. wall can be built from foundations in 40 minutes, a small house(to roof level) in two days.

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We believe that the best means of marketing is word of mouth and for this reason we treat our clients to the best service we can deliver - to have an outstanding rating at the end of every project. Please see our previous clients’ testimonies by clicking here.

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Using our own material gives us an edge over anyone competition. The best material according to building regulations and skilled labour are the secret to quality, in every project. Our building blocks can be used with any project you have in mind, from gardens to houses.

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We appreciate that we are working with people’s life savings, and building costs can escalate quickly if mismanaged. Being established in the industry, and we quote accordingly, which means lower costs from the get go. Because we are the manufactures of our own blocks

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Leading in building all Over Overberg District.

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We build a wide range of building types that excel at their function and high-quality.

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Renovation work

Renovations involve figuring out the resolution to existing buildings and offices' issues.

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We Use Stumble Blocks

We offer groundbreaking Stumble Blocks, the fastest way to build every project.

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It's our mission to create elegant and functional solutions. For all our projects

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Provide you the highest quality work that meets your expectation.

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